Casero Duo Bed with Mediflex® Mattress – Super Single


The Casero Duo is a sophisticated, stylish and intelligent patient bed designed for a user’s home. Featuring all the benefits of a fully-electric hospital care bed, this luxury solution looks and feels like a comfortable and homely bed. It provides users with all the sleeping support they need from a care bed, yet also looks like it truly belongs in a home.
Developed especially for home environments, this bed features great travel range, back elevation, knee break and Trendelenburg. It’s also designed to help reduce the risk of falls.
This bed comes complete with a Mediflex® Pressure relieving mattress. Designed to provide optimal support for a sound night’s sleep, the Mediflex mattress is a contoured foam mattress with deep castellations that mould to a person’s shape.
Casero Premium Homecare Bed
Casero Duo Bed with Mediflex® Mattress – Super Single